• COVID-10 Pandemic. Transmission electron microscopic image of an isolate from the first U.S. case of COVID-19
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    Doomsday: COVID-19 Pandemic Could Be It

    Months ago I wrote how COVID-19 wasn’t a doomsday pandemic and we really didn’t have much to worry about (Doomsday: COVID-19 Ain’t It). Now, a few months later and I have been proven wrong. Ill-Prepared [...]
  • Trainee Demonstrating How to Put On Mask
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    Let’s Face It, Wear a Mask

    COVID-19 is in full swing and we all are potentially at risk of contracting it. Although it’s not doomsday, there are simple steps we must take to minimize our chances of contracting and/or spreading it [...]
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Firearm Safety Prevents Accidents and Saves Lives

It seems like everyday we hear about an “accidental” shooting. I consider these incidents of careless misuse that are avoidable. A true firearm accident is when there is some kind of failure or malfunction of firearm, round [...]
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Realistically, Are You Really Prepared?

We call ourselves preppers and say that we are going to stock up on canned food and extra water. But are you really prepared if all of life’s luxuries are taken away? How will you [...]

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