Prepper’s New Year’s Resolutions

Every January, we make resolutions for the new year. Some of us want to lose weight, quit smoking, save more money or just generally have a better and more successful year than the last. By the middle of January, some of those resolutions are broken. By the end of February, they are all but a memory. It’s the same cycle every year and we are rarely successful. This is seen more frequently when it comes to prepping. How many times are we caught unprepared for the major storm that was forecasted weeks ago, and has been the lead-in story on the news every day?

Be Better, Do Better

We plan to be better prepared and try not to repeat previous fails, but often we find ourselves in the same situations wondering how we ended up here again. Once an event is over and we’ve recovered, all too often, we don’t take the lesson. This year, let’s resolve to be better preppers and be better prepared for whatever is thrown at us. It’s time to prep with purpose, be more practical and learn from mistakes. While it’s a good idea to be prepared to survive in a post-apocalyptic world, we should also be prepared to survive everyday life. Planning how to survive the apocalypse is meaningless if you can’t survive inclement weather, forsake your health or don’t have basic survival skills. Let this year be different by getting serious and smart about being prepared. Being almost prepared is still being unprepared.

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