What NJ’s New Governor Means For Gun Rights

Magpul AR-15 Magazines the new governor may limit
Magpul AR-15 Magazines the new governor may limit

New Jersey’s next governor is a Democrat. This is extremely important when it comes to gun rights in the state. NJ currently has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country and it’s about to get worse. The state legislature has been trying to add more firearm restrictions for the past 8 years. These bills were stopped by Governor Chris Christie, which included the adoption of smart guns. State Senator Loretta Weinberg is all too eager to present gun control bills to the new governor, Phil Murphy.

One of the bills vetoed multiple times by Governor Christie was a smart gun legislation that would bring them to gun stores shelves in the state. This bill is not enough to cause concern by itself. But considering current state law, once the technology is adopted by the state, smart guns (personalized guns) will be the only type of guns sold in the state. I previously wrote about smart guns here (Is the Smart Gun Practical For Self-Defense).

Possible gun rights changes

Smart guns (current laws will make it exclusively available in gun stores, but senators are considering loosening that requirement)

Magazine capacity limited to 7 or 10 rounds (currently 15 rounds)

Gun sales tax

Mail order ammo ban

What we can do before the new governor takes office

What can we do now? It’s too late to vote. Since the state has a Democratic legislature, contacting your senator to voice your displeasure may prove pointless. Knowing the legislature’s views on gun control, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to convince them to change their minds on gun control. What we can do is stock up while we still can. We have just over 2 months before Phil Murphy takes office and he has said he will sign all gun control bills Governor Christie vetoed. Prepare now for what is likely to come during Phil Murphy’s term as governor.

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