There is so much going on in the world, disasters (both natural and man-made), economic turmoil, wars and terrorist attacks. At any given moment, we don’t know what the future will bring. Could that tropical storm forecasted to be miles away end up being a hurricane in your backyard? Could the global economy suddenly collapse? Could your country be invaded or terrorists release a biological, chemical or nuclear weapon? Could an astroid impact earth and wipe out half the population? The preparedness community, or preppers, uses a term that best describes this; “shit hits the fan” (SHTF). What is your plan? Do you have a plan? It doesn’t seem like enough people in an urban setting care about these things. While it is unhealthy to dwell on these things occurring, you should at least be prepared in the event that something of this nature happens. The odds are very slim that these things will happen, but to be caught completely off guard should not be an option. The purpose of this blog is to detail how one can be a prepper even while being in an urban environment or living in an apartment with limited space.

While I am a “black urban liberal,” that isn’t my sole target audience. My target audience is anyone who has an interest in prepping, but may not have the resources (i.e. money, storage space, etc.) that those who typically prep have. Blacks, urbanites and liberals are three groups that are underserved and under represented in the preparedness community and are less likely to be preppers. Hopefully that will change and being prepared when SHTF will transcend race, geographic location and political party affiliation.


  1. Hello my new friend:

    I like your article about “Codes” (Home invasion angle particularly) I’m actually Jack Jobe. I was on NatGeo’s “Doomsday Preppers” (S1E9) and I’m an Emmy-nominated Photojournalist. Feel free to say “Hi” at my email address. I’ll also touch base on Facebook. Glad to have a new ally.

    I’m working toward Universal 1st Aid beginning as children enter school. “Survivor Jack’s Mission” is to Equip, Educate and Empower people with Entertaining 1st Aid & Survival Skills training.

    How may I help your reach a wider audience?

    PS: Liberal? I thought I was the only one prepping. LOL

  2. I too am black. I live in Chicago, I prep modestly, and channel my growing unease with the world into preparing for the worst. I felt alone. I don’t know long it will be before things fall apart, but It’s good to know I’m not alone in the world when it does. Keep your head up. I also follow you on twitter.

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  4. I am a black middle age man new to prepping. Interested in communicating with like minded souls.

    • Hi Mason. I am interested in connecting with non-biased preppers as well. Where are you located?

  5. I am an African American female and I have been looking for an African American community of preppers. Most prepper sites I have visited have people who make disparaging comments about other cultures and I do not feel comfortable getting involved with people like that. To me that just perpetuates the problems we have in this country. I currently live in OK but will be moving to NC with in the next year or two. I have just started getting into prepping and survival preparedness. I would love to connect with people to get more information, get into a group and keep my family safe if/when SHTF.

    • I read your comments and your interest in prepping. I would like to correspond with others like yourself. I live in Texas. I believe that we must get more pro-active in self-reliance as all evidence lead to a system that at the very least will have great issues sustaining itself. Stay encouraged.

      • I agree. I am doing much more this year than in years past. I dont think there is going to be some big armageddon type event but I do believe there may be significant weather/ economic issues. More people should be doing this and I actually recently helped to set up an emergency plan for my church. We all really need to be more self reliant instead of relying on an “agency” to help us if something happens.

        • KJ, I’m glad to see you looking at involving some of your fellow church family. Prepping starts with the individual , but I believe to be successful one must build or seek a community of preppers. Some of my early goals and I advise others to do so as well are to become healthier and more diet conscience. Simply put if issues should arise that preppers would have to take some kind of immediate action many would have difficulty. This being directly linked with poor diet and health in general. Another point , make sure you a lot some of your time to get factual info such as local and state maps and preprared routes alternate living arrangements. Find out what crops you can successfully grow where you live and where you may have to move if you have to leave (buy seeds) that can grow in locations that are relevant to your prepping plan. Lastly, all preppers need to become intimate historians. Climate change, global economics, or even human nature in times of crisis, all have histories. The library is free make it a point grow your own knowledge. Stay encouraged.

          • I agree with you post Mason. I grow a garden every year and have seeds stored away just for that purpose. I agree with getting physically fit and watching your diet. I was on a great exercise program but then got off track when I injured myself hiking. I just started back on it so I have alot of work to do. I am an avid reader and have several books on prepping and the geography of my local area. Knowledge is definitely power. I need to work on a bug out location because I dont have one as yet. We have done a lot of extreme couponing in the past which has helped to build our supplies. How are things going on your end?

        • KJ, I currently I’m continuing to grow my food preps mostly MRE’s and can goods. I’m also working on becoming more proficient in marksmenship in a variety of small arms. Doing a great deal of research into the Great Depression, the 2008 melt down, and similar financial crisis that has plagued our economy. There is a lot of info out there if your willing to look. I like the idea of exchanging prepping info, and very much interested in having this dialogue with you. What our your thoughts on living off the grid? I feel as I get older this lifestyle seems more and more appealing. I believe that most Americans particularly blacks just do not want to accept that things are more serious than they would believe. The unfortunate truth is that persons not willing to prepare puts those at risk who do. Simply put they will want what we have ( not a good scenario). To all preppers who checkout this site, prepping your mind is the most effective and powerful prep of all. Think of the game chess. You must be able to look many moves ahead to help ensure you and your family’s survival. As always stay confident.

    • Hello KJ,
      My family live in the metro Atlanta area. We have been prepping for about a year on a budget. It would be very helpful to connect with like minded preppers. It feels less lonely knowing other people share this line of thought. I had given up hope until I happened upon this site. I’m still looking for a legit group in the area we can connect with to share ideas and gain information.

      • Hi Teresa. I completely agree with you. It’s crazy how there are so few of us connected. I know there have to be more of us out there but it’s hard to get connected. I have not found a group in my area either so I think I am going to have to start one myself however I am no where near the level I think I should be as far as prepping. I just know that we cant depend on others/government to help us when bad things happen. I am not a doomsday type of person but I have seen what happens when people get laid off, sick or the economy tanks.

  6. My husband and I are new to prepping and will begin when we move into our home next month. We are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and found other prepping groups/sites so be way to conservative and racist. We would love to bounce ideas off of others and maybe even meet to form a local groups that are welcoming to all regardless of race and sexual orientation.

    • I live in Fort Worth and have been looking for other black preppers recently. If anyone would like to start a local group, I’m open. I agree that a lot of the folks I’ve seen online don’t seem very hospitable. There is a Preparedness Expo in Arlington on March 21st at Arlington Convention Center. I plan to attend.

      Meanwhile, check out I have some of her videos.

  7. I’m also new to prepping. Had not a great deal of time to develop good relations with fellow preppers. I am sad to hear about your difficulty with corresponding with other preppers. I’m not sure what I could offer, as it seems both are us are fairly new to this. I will say that I’d be willing to share what I learn with you and your family. Stay confident, and I’m sure it will have a great reward.

  8. Can anyone tell me if there are Black preppers in the Rochester, NY area? Very interested in finding out what they do and store for emergencies in our area. Would like to be part of a Black preppers group.

  9. Hi, I am a 37 year old black woman. I am looking to be a part of a community of peepers in Chicago south suburb or Chicago generally. I am new to this but I am ready to plan and tweak plans.

    If interested in comraderie and to assist please contact [email protected].

    I look forward to meeting like minded people.

  10. Hello, I am also interested in Prepping but I must admit that it comes and goes. Something will trigger the desire yet I allow it to fade. I am a 46 year old former police officer with some skills however in need of more. I plan on adding skills that will make me more valuable to a survival group that respects my humanity and right to exist. This is why this site is so valuable as I have not found any that recognize our humanity. I live in a college town in N. Florida if there are any like-minded individuals that want to connect.

    • Hi Chris I also live in N Florida and am interested in keeping and developing skills for life for emergency and unforeseen circumstances also former LE

  11. I live i TX and would like to visit a prepper community

  12. I live in the Portland Oregon metro area and I’ve been a prep per for many years and would like to meet other black preppers in the pacific north west to network and possibly form a group of like minded people.

  13. Cool site. I am white, urban, left-of center, and very interested in prepping but disgusted by the right-wing, racist elements in a lot of the prepper communities and blogs out there. I’m tired of feeling like those people ‘own’ prepping-there needs to be a counterweight. Keep it up.

  14. Looking for like minded people, for information on “prepping”. I live in South Florida and would like to learn more about being prepared for any unforeseen circustance that might arise. Also I believe we as a people need to do some tactical / survivalist training to be able to protect our families and loved ones when the SHTF.

  15. Philip , here I live in houston and I am just now starting to put together a one month supply of non perishable food. Canned. I want to purchase some property in the country and learn how to grow my own food supply. Taking gun safety classes is next on the list

  16. Hi, I am an independent journalist looking for black preppers in the Houston area who would be willing to talk to me about the culture, the steps they’ve taken to become more prepared and survivalism in general. Black women preppers are highly preferred, but I’m open to anyone who is willing to talk.

    You must be willing to have your photograph taken as well. I am fascinated by the culture and want to give black preppers a platform so as to educate others.

  17. My name is Sharon and I am a middle age African American living in Philadelphia. I am seeking a Preppers group in my area. Please send me information if you know of a group in my area.

  18. This isn’t what you asked, but Canadian Prepper is Black.

  19. I’m a prepper in the Houston area looking for more like minded individuals to network with and possibly get together to form a type of group. We as black people don’t really have the community support so if you could get back to me, we can see where we all stand on this point thanks.

  20. Interested in getting involved currently in NYC can anyone email me or make suggestions for literature to start my journey to plan long term. I have a limited budget but just wanting to be engaged with likeminded folk who are black like me.

  21. Hi – I live in Austin TX area and am prepper community connections with preppers who accept ethnicities… Please contact me: [email protected]

  22. Hi I live in Laredo, Texas and just started to get into prepping. I am a 38 year old female looking to join or start a prepping community. I am so glad I came across this site. I don’t have any friends where I live due to mostly ignorance from the community. If anyone is interested please email me at [email protected]

  23. Hi. I’m Black and I don’t consider myself to be a prepper – – I’m just prepared for a lot of situations. I’m a firearms trainer (certified), a martial artist and a ham radio operator. I’m wondering if this site is still being used. Articles and comments are undated and some topics are clearly years old. I would appreciate a response, if I’m not the only person using the site currently.

    • Hey Black Knight. Thank you for the comments and interest. We are still active and working on new content and features.

  24. Thanks for replying I am looking to connect with other’s like myself. I have been prepping for a couple of months now. I have like 2 or 3 things I need to work on. Then I could consider myself as a prepper. I live in South Texas if anyone else is in this area or just wants to talk feel free to contact me.

  25. My name is Angela I am single middle aged women in Queens NY I am a complete neophyte at prepping but feel it is important to learn and become prepared. Seeking open minded and liked minded individuals

  26. Black female prepper in Chicago looking for like minded individuals to be part of a community and share ideas and equipment with.

  27. Im in same area as you and looking to align with like minded. Ready to grab some land, begin constructing livable quarters, and establishing food supply, security, water, power, etc. So far – haven’t found any of “us” serious about it. Too much for 1 woman (with 2 daughters to do)

  28. would love to connect. Been storing. Testing various ways to grow foods – hydro, outside, in ground, elevated beds, grow bags, inside with grow lights, etc… Not a carpenter – but I bought tools, and have visions. Anyway – am looking to grab property to start a community. Have quite a bit of notes…but honestly – its a lot for 1 woman trying to do it all. Land, food, security, utils, comms, housing, livestock, etc….Most my ppl here either dont buy into it, or are not serious.

    I would be great to hook up with like minded, and we can share duties, help each other, etc….And maybe become a viable supplier (for pay/barter of course) when it becomes necessary btvgorda at gmail

  29. Hello I am a Black woman in NJ looking for like-minded individuals. I am interested in prepping, and I have prepped very little this far. Need some guidance as to what all goes all into prepping, and how can I be more effective.

  30. also in the area. looking for same. btvgorda at gmail

  31. Hi, my name is Casi and I am a single black female seeking community as well.

    I currently live in Austin TX area; however, I am hoping to migrate to the KY, TN area to be closer to my family members. More importantly, I am seeking to be connected with ‘like-minded’ good folks.

    Please let me know of any ideas that we can build upon.

  32. Is anyone interested in purchasing some land together in Knoxville TN area?

  33. Hi Black Knight – you have very valuable skills. I am interested in becoming a Ham Radio Technician…

  34. Hi Philip, I am in austin texas area – I am building my prep stash and other things and looking for community….

  35. Hi G.R, I’m an African-American female who has been prepping solo and would like to align with like minded individuals who are serious about prepping. I’ve noticed many other groups are too conservative and/or racist for me. Oh, I’m in the south jersey area.

  36. Hello! I am looking to connect with like minded people in the Pittsburgh, Pa area.

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