Black Prepper Quick Prep: Get That Bread, There’s a Storm a Coming

Sliced Bread
Bread should be the first thing to get before an emergency. CREDIT: Public Domain Pictures

Whenever a major storm is about to hit, people flock to the grocery store and clean out the bread aisle. I’ve always wondered what was going on in that aisle. I couldn’t think of why so many people seemed to love bread so much in an emergency. Many people find this amusing as well, because it’s the only preparedness measure some people take. But why bread?

It’s actually one of the best, if not the best, food to get just before a storm or emergency. Bread gives us many options before we have to touch our food that’s set aside for emergencies. The cost is relatively low, it’s versatile and abundant (before the weather forecast). In addition to all the different types, there are many ways to serve it. From just buttered to sandwiches to French Toast. It can be the side dish, the star, or even be considered the meal by itself.

I started getting last minute bread a few years ago and the practice remains. You don’t need to do much planning with it. Just add meat, cheese, lettuce, or cucumbers and your favorite condiments and you have a meal. No tools are needed to use it. We may want to toast it, but it’s not a requirement to eat it. I usually get two types of deli meat and cheese to go along with it. That gives me four different types of sandwiches and requires very little planning.

So, the next time that big storm is forecasted, get that bread and have a sandwich or French Toast.


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