Realistically, Are You Really Prepared?

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We call ourselves preppers and say that we are going to stock up on canned food and extra water. But are you really prepared if all of life’s luxuries are taken away? How will you prepare meals for you and your family if the gas and electric are suddenly unavailable? What will you do if the water supply becomes contaminated? Are you prepared to hunker down in your home and defend your family and your home in case of societal collapse? These are a few questions that will lead you to answers that show if you are indeed prepared for when SHTF.

Now, more than ever, it is important that everyone in your household has the skills and knowledge necessary to survive in a disaster or if they become separated from everyone else. This includes knowing self defense, how to start and take care of a garden, and first aid. We must make sure that everyone can contribute to the group’s survival should the need arise.


Firearms – Secure the firearms in your home based on the laws in your area. Each capable person in your home should have access to the firearms and know how to use them.

Firearms training – It is important that each person in your home get the training necessary to safely use them. Everyone must take safety training and practice using the firearms on a regular basis.

Hand-to-hand combat training and practice – It is also important that everyone learn and practice some sort of hand-to-hand combat. Everyone, including children should have some sort of practice in this area. It’s not only a great thing to have in everyday life but if a time comes where you must protect yourself and your home without access to firearms, this training will help.


Collection – If the water supply in your area becomes contaminated, everyone in your home should know how to collect water for household use.

Purification – The same way everyone should know about water collection, they should also know where the water purification tablets are (or whatever method you use) and the correct way to use it.


Gardening (in an apartment or outside in your back or front yard) – Starting a garden and learning how to garden can be a great resource to you. Know how to grow your own food so that you don’t only have to rely on stored canned food.

Food storage and supplies – Make sure that you are collecting and storing food, water and other supplies to aid your family’s survival. Also, if you are storing MREs, have you tasted them? Although in an emergency you’ll eat what’s available, it is a good idea to know what you are going to be eating. It is never a good idea to wait until the last minute before you begin stocking up on items.


First aid – Everyone in your home, including children, should learn basic first aid. Adults and those capable should learn more advanced medical techniques should an injury occur during a hunker down situation where hospitals and doctors are unreachable. It would be beneficial to know techniques to prevent and treat infections.

Medications – Make sure that anyone who takes medications regularly keeps their prescriptions as up to date as possible. It is also a good idea to know what fresh fruits and vegetables can be substitutes for medication. Also, investigate alternative treatments that may be available and/or beneficial for any medical conditions that you may suffer from should the emergency last longer than your medication supply.


Bug out/GO bags – We should all have a bag packed and ready to go at all time. Check your bag periodically ensuring that items inside are not expired and are ready to use. Don’t forget to make sure that any batteries for flashlights, etc. are fresh. Check them regularly – checking for batteries in the dark is not an ideal situation. And corroded batteries stuck in devices are even worse.

Blankets – Especially in the winter months, having extra blankets in the house and car can keep you and your family warm in the event of a power outage or if you are stranded for an extended period.

Be realistic about your prepping. Let’s make sure that when and if it hits the fan, we are prepared.



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Disclaimer: We are not doctors. The content in this post is for informational purposes only. It is not our intention to substitute the professional advice and/or diagnosis of your doctor. Always follow the advice of your medical professional.


  1. Great site. Black folks aren’t supporting. Keep your head up and stay positive. Our people will wakeup now, or face horizontal conclusions. Thanks for your work and research.

  2. Very happy to find you is there a black prepper forum you could suggest? Been on a forum over 10 years lately things changed from being prepared to nasty racial content. Hope you can help thank you.

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