Who And What is Black Prepper

There is so much going on in the world, disasters (both natural and man-made), economic turmoil, wars and terrorist attacks. At any given moment, we don’t know what the future will bring. Could that tropical storm forecasted to be miles away end up being a hurricane in your backyard? Could the global economy suddenly collapse? Could your country be invaded or terrorists release a biological, chemical or nuclear weapon? Could an astroid impact earth and wipe out half the population? The preparedness community, or preppers, uses a term that best describes this; “shit hits the fan” (SHTF). What is your plan? Do you have a plan? It doesn’t seem like enough people in an urban setting care about these things. While it is unhealthy to dwell on these things occurring, you should at least be prepared in the event that something of this nature happens. The odds are very slim that these things will happen, but to be caught completely off guard should not be an option. The purpose of this blog is to detail how one can be a prepper even while being in an urban environment or living in an apartment with limited space.

While I am a “black urban liberal,” that isn’t my sole target audience. My target audience is anyone who has an interest in prepping, but may not have the resources (i.e. money, storage space, etc.) that those who typically prep have. Blacks, urbanites and liberals are three groups that are underserved and under represented in the preparedness community and are less likely to be preppers. Hopefully that will change and being prepared when SHTF will transcend race, geographic location and political party affiliation.

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  1. interested in getting started lives in houston area. TEXAS

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