Ebola – No Need to Panic, S didn’t HTF

With the recent report of an Ebola infected patient surfacing in the US, there is widespread panic. How many people did this person infect? How did they enter the US without anyone knowing? Is this the plague we’ve been waiting for to validate why we are preppers? In the vein of the popular memes, I’ll say, “Keep Calm, You’re Not Going to Get Ebola.”

There is a lot of misinformation and fear mongering when it comes to Ebola. There are many ways of contracting it and they all include bodily fluid contact. Ebola is transmitted through bodily fluids when symptoms are present. Period. Simply being in the same room or plane is not enough to be infected. Transmission occurs from direct or close contact with an infected patient’s bodily fluids when they are exhibiting symptoms. It can also be transmitted from contact with a surface that is contaminated, which is why it is important to wash hands regularly and not touch your eyes, mouth and nose after touching public surfaces.

Washing hands is the single most effective preventative method, as well as using alcohol based hand sanitizer. In most cases, Ebola was contracted when providing care to those who were infected. It’s best to listen to information presented by institutions that have been studying and following Ebola as well as other viruses for decades. Conspiracy theories and misinformation only create unnecessary panic and will lead to distrust of facts. As preppers, knowledge and accurate information is key to survival. Prepping based on misinformation will ultimately lead to death.

Want to know more about Ebola from an authority that has been looking at it for years? WHO – Ebola Disease Virus

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  1. People cough and sneeze so close proximity is indeed enough to spread Ebola and many other diseases. No need to live in fear but use all precautions. I am sorry to even feel this way but I would not get on a plane without some sort of face mask. No way no how.

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