NJ Amends Law on Child Safety Seats

Car Seat
Car Seat

In May of this year, Gov. Chris Christie signed legislation to update New Jersey’s laws regarding child safety seats in vehicles.  The legislation takes into account the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety.

The revised law is effective September 1, 2015, and says, in part, that infants and toddlers must remain rear-facing until age 2 and weigh at least 30 pounds. When the child reaches 30 pounds, they can then be changed to a forward-facing, five-point harness car seat. Children ages 2 through 4 must be in a car seat. Children ages 4 through 8 must be seated in a five-point harness car seat, or a booster seat until they are 8 years old or they are 57 inches in height.

Beginning September 1, the fines for violating the new car set law range from $50 to $75.

The revised law can be found here: http://www.njleg.state.nj.us/2014/Bills/A3500/3161_R1.PDF

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