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I was going to jump right in with a prepping post but as I began to compile information and sources, I thought that maybe it would be best to begin with an introductory post. As an introduction, I am the BlackPrepper’s wife and a mother. As a mother and wife, preparing is an everyday task. Keeping the household organized so it can function occurs daily. Emergency preparation should not be an afterthought though.  

With this section of the BlackPrepper blog, I hope to bring prepping from a family angle to the blog and BlackPrepper community. I’ll blog about prepping for emergencies as well as other topics of interest to me, such as the benefits of baby wearing and breastfeeding, especially in an emergency situation. I hope to take general prepper talk and focus in on how it effects those with children (regardless of age). 

Prepping shouldn’t be something that is done only when there is some sort of weather warning in your area. Prepping is a way of life. Whatever you do, you should be prepared. 

I will cite sources for information I find around the internet so you can further research topics that interest you. It is only by the sharing of information that we grow.  

I am a busy working mother and wife so there won’t be a post everyday but when there is a post, I invite feedback – good and bad. I promise to be respectful of all opinions and in return expect the same. But keep in mind that respect is mandatory and trolls will not be entertained.  

Feel free to post on our Facebook page, tweet us on the main page at @Blackpreppers or me directly at @preptobismom or shoot me an email at [email protected]. I look forward to our discussions and to help build this community of preppers sharing information and experiences.  


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